We all experience struggles and brokenness in life, but being part of a community can be essential to our healing. We encourage everyone dealing with a personal struggle or difficult situation to consider a life-changing support or recovery group. 

Find freedom with re:generation

Lay your burdens down. You were never made to carry them. Re:generation is our Christ-centered, 12-step discipleship program where you will find lasting freedom and healing from any personal struggle, addiction, hurt, and past trauma. Here you will find a safe place with an authentic community to walk along with as you experience and live out the freedom that can only be found in Jesus.



How does re:generation work?

Re:generation is a biblical 12-step process structured within the context of small groups. Your first couple of months will be spent in either a newcomers group (first week) or a groundwork group. Once you have completed the groundwork curriculum, demonstrated a willingness to participate and decided that you want to move forward, you will be placed into a step-group to go through the 12 steps. Step-groups have a set number of participants and leaders. Once a step-group is launched, no new members will be added. For the next 8 to 10 months you will progress through the steps using daily curriculum along with other step-group members. 

How long does it take?

The entire re:generation process takes about a year; newcomers and groundwork groups take about 2 months, step-groups take 8 to 10 months. The groundwork curriculum lessons take about 10 minutes per day while step-group curriculum takes about 30 minutes per day. 30 minutes a day with God for one year working on your recovery will change your life.

what is a typical MEETING like?

Re:generation meetings may vary depending on the location. However, many groups will begin the meeting with all leaders and participants gathered together during the first 45 minutes to worship and hear a testimony or teaching. The large gathering will then break into smaller groups for the remainder of the time: newcomers groups, groundwork groups and step-groups all meet separately for the next hour and 15 minutes. All together, the gathering lasts about 2 hours.

Can I come if I don't have an addiction?

Yes! Re:generation is for everyone. God’s steps of healing can free you from any addiction, struggle or hurt. Many people come in order to discover the source of their pain. You will always be welcome regardless of the struggle.

Is childcare provided?

Yes! Childcare is provided for ages 6 weeks—grade 5.

WHen and where are meetings?

We offer re:generation at multiple campuses. Days and times vary. Use the link above to find a group near you.

Additional Support & Recovery groups

We have a number of different types of support and recovery groups to address a broad range of needs and situations including: grief, depression, fear, anger, codependency, pornography, and many more. Recovery groups are designed to address any issues that you may be facing through a structured and biblical pathway for healing. Support Groups are more focused on a specific topic or life event. Explore our groups and start healing.