We invite you to be part of a special offering that provides the bulk of support to our mission efforts all year long and allows us to start churches in the United States, strengthen indigenous churches around the world and extend needed help in the communities where our campuses are located.

As we give and go, we reveal the love of God. We cannot do everything, but as His Church, we must do something—we must be His hands in this world. Thank you for prayerfully considering giving a sacrificial gift that will allow us to continue to expand these great efforts in the year ahead.

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You can be part of our mission efforts by committing to pray for our local ministry partners and for our church partners in North America and around the world.

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Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of people by equipping Lakepointe and our partners to meet needs and share the love of Christ.

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Consider using your gifts on a mission trip. Lakepointe sends teams to serve locally, across North America and around the world throughout the year.


Nobody expected the COVID-19 pandemic to change our lives so suddenly in March. We all felt the strain from staying at home. But for many families, the pandemic not only disrupted the norm, it also changed the daily food routine for many at-risk kids on free or reduced meals at school.

When schools suddenly closed down in the spring, many children in local schools lost a steady food source. Lakepointe leaders reached out to local and state officials to find the best way to help. The Lakepointe missions team and campus pastors rallied together to organize a food drive at all six campuses, which lasted 13 consecutive weeks.

 By God’s grace, the people of Lakepointe:

  • Provided over 23,000 boxes of food containing almost two million meals for the communities surrounding our six campuses.
  • Worked together as volunteers—over 1,000 people from 62 Groups across all Lakepointe campuses volunteered approximately 50,000 volunteer hours.
  • Partnered with 42 different community organizations that contributed various products, services, and financial resources.
  • Prayed over thousands of people as they received food boxes.
  • Saw about 150 come to know Jesus Christ.

God used the people of Lakepointe to meet a physical need in the community. But He also used the food drive as a way to reach those who didn’t know Him. Thank you for your generosity and for letting God use you to bless our community.


Rhythm Church is a testimony to God’s power to sustain us, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Jeff Moors decided to plant Rhythm Church in Oceanside, California after noticing there were no churches reaching people for Christ in his community. Rhythm Church launched on January 12, 2020 in partnership with Lakepointe and other churches. Their first meeting had two services and over six hundred people in attendance. But two months after the church opened, the pandemic hit.

The church quickly pivoted to online services, and as the pandemic progressed, Jeff and his team tried various service formats to serve their people well—having a live studio audience for recordings, introducing a kids’ program and holding in-person, socially distanced gatherings. They also looked for ways to bless their community. The church sponsored an event called Bless Local where they “partnered with local businesses and brands to help out local families in [their] community in need.”

Now that they’re able to meet outdoors, Rhythm Church has three outdoor, thirty-minute services every Sunday as well as an online service.

Reflecting on a recent Sunday gathering, Jeff said they “had over six hundred people at service with eight baptisms.” But more than seeing God sustain the church through the pandemic, Jeff said, “It has been amazing to see that through this time, we are still seeing people receive Jesus and lives being changed—that hasn’t stopped.”


Pam Ragsdill is a physical therapist with a specialty in wheelchair seating. She could have left her training and experience at home when looking for a place to serve at church, but she didn’t. In 2005, she began volunteering with Wheels of Hope (WOH), a ministry of Lakepointe that provides wheelchairs and walking devices to those affected by disability in Mexico. Pam now leads WOH. She and her husband, Scott, have led forty mission trips to Mexico and helped provide 3,500 wheelchairs and walking devices. WOH therapists and team members serve with Lakepointe’s local church partners several times a year to distribute a variety of specialized restored wheelchairs and walking devices. The team perfectly fits each wheelchair to its recipient, spending up to five hours to customize each chair.

In a very short time, teams get to see lives changed, independence gained, dignity and hope restored, and people connected to the real gift giver, Jesus Christ. The team ensures that they share the gospel with each recipient, that they are given a Bible, are prayed for as well as connected with a Lakepointe local church partner.

As Pam looks back on her time with WOH, she can clearly see God’s hand guiding her into a physical therapy career for the purpose of leading Wheels of Hope. Like Pam, what gifts do you have that God could use to serve others?


The impact Lakepointe has made around the world over the last three decades is owed in part to four principles that guide every mission endeavor. They provide the foundation for effective, long-lasting and financially sound partnerships that reflect the heart of the Great Commission.



We commit to strategic and purposeful mission opportunities around the world. We pray, and we plan. We dream, and we design. We do this with one aim—to see the kingdom of God dynamically expand.



We commit to long-term impact by working directly with proven church leaders in every partnership we invest in. We believe that churches in each local context provide the best opportunity to sustain our efforts over many decades.



We commit to serve the whole person in the whole world. We understand it’s hard to hear the gospel if you’re malnourished or thirsty. So, while we provide water, feed the hungry and treat the sick, we also tend to the spiritual needs of each person— and guide them toward a personal relationship with Christ.



We commit to full financial and ethical integrity in all the efforts we pursue and invite full examination into these areas. In turn, we also ask our partners to demonstrate that same kind of accountability—one of productivity, thrift and generosity. This ensures that the maximum amount of resources can reach those in need.